A Guide to Gardening and Lawn Care in February and March 2023

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Are you looking for a gardener or lawn expert in London, Bexley and the home counties? Getting your garden and lawn into shape is essential before you can start enjoying your outdoor space once again during the warmer months.

While it may feel like we are still in the depths of winter, especially with the ongoing frosty conditions, mother nature is planning ahead, and so should we. It’s time to start thinking about lawn care and gardening for the spring. February and March are great months for getting your lawn and garden in shape for the warmer months ahead.

February is all About Digging, Feeding, Mulching and Pruning

Getting out into your garden is one of the best ways to prepare for spring. Digging over lawns can help reduce compaction from winter wear and tear. Feeding lawns with a balanced lawn fertiliser will give them essential nutrients to green up lawns and prepare them for spring growth.

Adding mulch around perennials helps protect plants during cold winter temperatures while giving them a boost of nutrients when they wake up in spring. Pruning shrubs, perennials and fruit trees helps to promote new growth. Hedges should also be trimmed for a neat finish at this time of year.

What Happens in the Garden in February and March?

While we may not always realise it, the UK’s temperature is rising, and weather patterns in the last few years have been unsettled. We can feel like we’re in the depths of winter one week and early spring in another, and then there’s the damage that frost can do.

The milder temperatures of the late winter months can cause plants to wake up early, so check plants regularly to see if you need to take protective measures before they suffer from frost damage.

You’ll also want to start preparing lawns for spring growth – clearing away debris, removing weeds, scarifying lawns, and dethatching lawns – these processes help lawns look their best come summertime.

How to Protect your Plants and Shrubs from Frost Damage

Coverage vulnerable plants with a thick layer of mulch or horticultural fleece when temperatures dip. Add extra insulation to windows and doors with bubble wrap or cardboard in cold frames and greenhouses.

Planting hardy varieties is also beneficial since they are more accustomed to the winter chill and offer some interest in the garden when everything else appears dormant.

How to Protect your Lawns from Frost Damage

Early-season lawn maintenance can help lawns survive the cold weather. In milder climates, lawns can go without irrigation during winter months – but be mindful of ensuring your lawn is well hydrated before temperatures dip too low. It’s a tricky balancing act.

Aerating lawns help reduce compaction and drainage problems caused by frost damage in lawns. Reseeding lawns early on in springtime gives grass seedlings enough time to become established before the heat of summer sets in.

Mowing your lawn at least once a month (never in wet weather) helps grounds stay one step ahead of weeds. Read more about garden maintenance here.
Helping Your Garden Transform

If you’re time-poor, here are the basics to make the most of your garden. Prepare your lawn for spring growth by clearing away debris, removing weeds, scarifying lawns and dethatching lawns. Doing this early in the season ensures that lawns look their best come summertime. Lastly, feed lawns with a balanced fertiliser – it’ll give them essential nutrients to green up lawns and prepare them for spring growth.

Looking For Gardener Or Lawn Expert In Bexley, Kent?

If lawn care is not your thing, you can always call on the lawn care experts at Planet Turf. Our lawn and garden professionals provide lawn care services across the Bexley area and through Kent and the home counties. Our lawn services include lawn mowing, aeration, scarification, fertilisation and top dressing, hedge trimming, weeding and pruning.

We make it easy for homeowners to prepare their lawns for spring with regular maintenance and gardening service. Whether it’s lawn mowing, aeration, scarification or fertilisation — or even hedge trimming, pruning or weeding — Planet Turf.

We look after gardens and carry out lawn care and maintenance in Bexleyheath, Sidcup and Sevenoaks. We do not forget Longfield, Orpington, and Biggin Hill. We cover Rochester, Caterham and Oxted, too.

We provide lawn care and maintenance services across Kent and the home counties tailored to each individual lawn and garden. Get in touch with Planet Turf for a free lawn analysis and quote to get your garden into perfect condition this spring.

Thanks for reading! For more information about lawn care services in Bexley and surrounding areas, contact planetturf.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you – Let’s keep the garden of England in bloom.

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