Taking the time to plant the right flowers in spring is really important for making sure that your garden looks spectacular all through the year. There are many flowers that come into prominence during the spring, and they look amazing if you take the time to arrange them nicely.

To try and make sure that you have the best possible results when it comes to planting flowers during the springtime, we are going to be taking a look at some of the best options that you have this year.


Planting tulips in spring is something that you can do to add a touch of colour and joy to your world. Tulips look amazing, and they can be planted quite early on, so they will be flowering quite nicely as we begin to move into summer.


Another great example of a flower is the daffodil. Bright, easy to work with and a staple of the spring, the humble daffodil is one that will be a welcome addition to any display.


Next up on the list is the pansy. You can actually plant this just as soon as spring comes around, so it’s a good one to get in early. In fact, the pansy thrives when it is planted as early as possible, so as soon as you can start digging up the Earth, it’s worth looking into planting some.


Sunflowers are definitely an investment, as they bloom during the mid to late summer, which means that you plant them now to get the best results. However, they look amazing and have bold, striking colours. They’re a staple for the spring planting session.


Snowdrops are another type of flower which bloom early, and they are known for being quite dainty, but very pretty nonetheless. They have small white flowers, and they come in at the early stages of the spring.


So, irises tend to bloom in summer, like a lot of other flowers, but you plant them in the spring so they have time to grow properly. As a plant, it’s well worth it, as they look amazing, and have incredible purple flowers.


The last plant that we’re going to talk about today is the snapdragon. This is a rather hardy plant, and actually thrives best during the early stages of spring when it’s still chilly. They grow quite tall and look quite pretty, but you need to plant them early if you want to see them.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of plants that can be prepared and planted during the spring, and this makes them highly effective.

When you consider that a lot of these plants won’t properly grow until the summer, having them available and ready to go at the start of spring means you’ll have beautiful flowers all year round. Just make sure that you’ve taken the time to give them all enough space to grow and you’ll be well on your way to achieving success.

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