Our blockwork and brickwork contractors are masters at their trade. 

Our range of brickwork services spans all areas of your next landscaping project, from brickwork restoration to cladding. Not only does brickwork give a polished finish to your outside space, but it also integrates your inside and outdoor areas while boosting security and privacy. Take a look at some of the basic brickwork types and how the Planet Turf team can use them to transform your garden.

Garden Brickwork Types and Styles

The available varieties of brick reach into the thousands, but they generally fall into a few fundamental categories, which we list below. Most customers choose to give our team a brief outline of what they’re looking for and allow us to recommend a type of brick to suit.

Facing Bricks

Long-lasting, durable bricks with an attractive finish, facing bricks are used externally to create visual appeal. Facing brick has a wide range of colour, size and design variations and can be used with complementary or contrasting mortar.


A low-cost ‘fill’ brick intended to be functional rather than decorative. Despite not being as attractive as facing bricks, some have their own distinct charm and are perfectly adequate for small projects.

Engineering Bricks

The brick family’s powerhouse, engineering bricks, are predominantly used within a damp-proof course. Tough and long-lasting, they offer high frost and water resistance, making them perfect for groundworks and retaining walls.

Reclaimed Salvaged Bricks

Reclaimed bricks are salvaged from demolition projects and meticulously cleaned to remove all of the old mortar so that they can be used again. Authentic reclaimed bricks take a lot of time and effort to get into a usable state, so they have a high price compared to many other options. However, reproduction reclaimed bricks are also available if you simply want that aesthetic. 

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