A quality driveway can make a big difference to your property’s curbside appeal.

With so many cowboy landscapers leaving homeowners with poorly laid driveways, we’re seeing an increase in relatively new driveways that are already becoming an eyesore. So, whether you’ve been burned by bodgers, are building from new, or it’s simply time to replace a driveway that’s beyond repair, the team at Planet Turf can lay a driveway that’s noticed for all the right reasons.

Types Of Driveways

Whether you’re considering replacing your existing driveway or creating a new one, the first step is deciding which type of driveway is the best fit for your property. All will provide long-lasting, hard-wearing results when laid by our team of experts, but depending on the materials used, they will differ in cost and look.

Block Paved

Block paved driveways and patios are an aesthetically pleasing option that is highly durable and reliable. Blocks in various colours can be placed in a chosen layout and set to reduce movement, and sand is then brushed between the blocks to minimise movement further and inhibit weed growth. Block paved driveways have the added advantage of being easily repaired, as a damaged block can simply be replaced with a new one.


A shingle driveway can provide a wonderful looking and low maintenance frontage at a fraction of the time of other options. Gravel driveways are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with a lower cost than block paving. However, there are some driveways that shingle may not be suitable for, including steep slopes and where particularly heavy vehicles are in use.

Tequla block driveway


Tegula is a popular and versatile variety of block paving that has a less rigid, more natural effect. With its subtly distressed finish and contemporary sizes, tegula paving blocks create a more bespoke looking driveway that lends itself well to cottages and commercial properties alike.


Tarmacking your driveway may be the way to go if you’re searching for a simple option with minimal installation time and a low cost. Weather-resistant and impermeable, you can avoid the risk of flooding associated with other driveway materials, lasting up to fifteen years and looking as good as the day it was set.


The modern alternative to tarmac, resin driveways offer many of the same benefits but with greater durability and the added benefit of being porous. A resin-bound driveway has a shiny finish that will ultimately wear to a more natural appearance, or a topcoat can be added to achieve a wet effect. Because groundwork is required to sustain the surface, it is best laid over an existing driveway.

Don’t spend another summer pulling weeds, autumn scrubbing stains or a winter slipping on uneven pavers; get a driveway that’s fit for purpose with Planet Turf.

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