The right fencing can make a massive difference to your garden, offering it protection from the elements, privacy from being overlooked, and security in high-traffic areas.

When it comes to fencing and landscaping, we’ve worked on all types of projects and can help you determine which type of system will best meet your needs. We can also advise on sealing solutions to help prolong the life of your fence, install fencing and decking to transform your outdoor space, and can also work with existing fencing where needed.

Popular Fencing Types

As a fencing company in London, we see fence panels in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The best type of fencing for your project will depend on how the fencing will be used and the overall look you want to achieve. While some fence panels provide better wind protection, others are more suitable for encouraging plant growth, so it’s important to take into account more than just the aesthetic appeal.

At Planet Turf, we’ll work with you to help determine what type of fence is the best match for your needs. 

Closeboard Panels

Heavy-duty Closeboard Panels are packed densely with boards and secured within a wooden frame. This is one of the strongest fence panels, making it the ideal choice when security is a factor.

Feather edge fencing

Feather Edge

Featuring slightly overlapping widths of “feather edge” wood which run vertically within a framed panel, these fence panels are longer lasting than other overlapping options and increasingly popular in fencing and landscaping.


Predominantly used to build enclosures for plants to climb, many homeowners use trellis in tandem with their fencing to add vertical greenery into their garden. A trellis can be attached to or above an existing fence panel, allowing plenty of natural sunlight.

Decorative continental fence panels

Decorative Continental Panels

Another great option if you want something more decorative, Continental Panels come in a wide variety of designs. Often featuring arched tops and a section of lattice, they provide the stability of a standard fence panel with added visual appeal.

Privacy Lattice

Strong enough to be used as a screening fence on its own, Privacy Lattice is an excellent option for landscaping projects that seek to break up a space visually. Our fencing team can also install lattice above existing fence panels for added privacy.

Lattice fencing

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