Turfing is the quickest and most effective way to achieve a polished, visually appealing outdoor space.

Although many gardeners focus on the borders and decorative elements, nothing is as transformative to the eye as level, even grass. Removing the existing grasses and weeds, we create a level base on which to apply your turf before laying high-quality rolls of grass that are specific to your needs. 

In the UK, we’re fortunate to have multiple options for turf blends and varieties, with a range of benefits and price points. Although many home gardens will only need to choose a turf that is aesthetically pleasing, some domestic or commercial gardens may benefit from speciality options.

Nothing is quite as transformative to the eye as a level and even grass lawn.

Meadow Turf

In the UK, we’re seeing a big push toward green initiatives, one of which is the restoration of wild habitats. Meadow turf is an excellent choice for any business wanting to show its commitment to sustainable living. With a bee and wildlife-friendly meadow turf rich in native wildflowers, you’ll not only have a low-maintenance turf solution but the benefit of a bloom of colour during the spring and summer months. 

Meadow turf is often designed to be somewhat shade tolerant, allowing it to be laid in most conditions. So, whether you are preparing for lawn turf and want to explore more eco-friendly options or want a turfing company to transform your rooftop space, meadow turf may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Shade Tolerant Turf

Those managing north-facing and shaded gardens will know how difficult it can be to find plants that survive, let alone thrive, in this unique climate. And, like flowers, shrubs and trees, some grasses will tolerate shade, and others will quickly let you know they’re not happy. For this reason, shade tolerant turf is a must for cool, dark outdoor spaces. 

Shade tolerant turf is grown in lower light conditions and uses species of grass that thrive in colder temperatures and more challenging conditions. There are various options for bringing lush grass into the shadiest of gardens, from hardy fescue and ryegrass to low lying meadow grasses.  

Hard Wearing Turf

From cricket pitches to family gardens, a hard-wearing turf is a popular option in any area with high foot traffic. While many grass varieties are chosen for their colour or low level of maintenance, the grasses selected for hard-wearing turf are chosen for their ability to survive wear and tear.

Whether your lawn is put through its paces by a growing family, an active dog, or a Premier League football team, hard-wearing turf is up to the challenge.

Lawn Care and Landscaping

At Planet Turf, we aren’t just a lawn turf laying company; we offer lawn care and landscaping, too, with a service that goes above and beyond the initial installation. At the end of your project, we’ll provide you with information to ensure your turf knits into the ground below and remains healthy. And, if you require ongoing support in maintaining your beautiful new lawn, we can also provide garden maintenance services.

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