Looking After Your Lawn: How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Good in Autumn

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The summer is almost over, and the garden has enjoyed lots of rain this season, with a sprinkling of sun here and there. So what can we do to look after your lawn in autumn and keep it looking lush and well cared for?

In this blog, we will offer tips on keeping your lawn looking lush and green, spill the beans on how to keep your grass looking like a bowling green and give some tips on what to do in the colder months. Tell you why autumn is the best time to revamp your turf and advise you on what to do if autumn’s temperatures fluctuate.

Here’s hoping for an Indian summer and what to do with your lawn if we get one, but more importantly, some tips on what to do if it all gets too much and you decide to swap out your turf for an artificial lawn.

Tips to Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Lush in the Autumn

After all the garden parties, ball games and sunbathing your garden may have enjoyed; it’s not surprising the lawn needs some TLC. You could be dealing with bald spots, uneven surfaces and even poor lawn nutrition, so what’s to be done?

Tip. 1 – Scarifying

Scarifying is another robust lawn task that keeps the lawn healthy and gets your lawn ready for autumn. To scarify successfully, you must mow your lawn and collect the clippings, then use a spring-tinned rake to lift the thatch, thinning out the matted fibre under the green grass tufts.

Tip.2 – Aerating

Aerating is putting holes into your lawn to promote air circulation, eliminate stale air (carbon monoxide), and allow fresh oxygen to reach the turf’s roots. Aeration also breaks through thatch that compresses into your lawn and causes moss.

Buying purpose-built aerating shoes from a garden shop or Amazon is the easiest way to aerate. The point of raking out the dead thatch is to allow fresh grass to grow and new grass seeds to flourish.

Photo by visnu deva on Unsplash

The Secret to a Perfectly Maintained Lawn in Autumn

The secret to a perfect lawn starts with preparation (scarifying and aerating), general weeding, and then adding a top dressing to satisfy hungry lawns. Top dressing is usually a mixture of sand, loam (clay, sand and silt mix) and organic matter such as manure.

Top dressing is readily available to buy at the garden centre, or you can make your own:

Six parts of sharp sand

Three parts of loam

One part of compost or organic matter

In a bucket, apply the mix. The top dressing will cover approximately ten sq feet, so adjust according. Apply the topsoil into the aerated holes, water in and give the dressing time to work its magic.

Preparing Your Lawn for the Colder Months

You have scarified your lawn, aerated it and added delicious dressing (your turf will think it’s delicious). To prepare your lawn for the colder months, you must repair any bald patches or bare spots in the turf. It’s possible to buy patching kits. These kits contain compost, grass seed and fertiliser.

Or use your homemade top dressing and some grass seed, don’t crowd the grass seed, as this will cause weak growth. Keep the lawn well watered but don’t overdo it, as Britain gets enough rain at this time of the year, as no one wants a soggy lawn, especially the lawn seed.

Keep pets and children away from the grass so that the seeds have a chance to grow undisturbed. Monitor your lawn, as autumn weather can fluctuate.

How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy During Autumn’s Temperature Fluctuations

As the seasons change, you must adapt your gardening tactics. Your grass will go through an autumn slow-grow stage. To accommodate, you must adjust the cutting height on your lawnmower to give your lawn a higher cut.

Mowing fortnightly is enough, even if the weather is wet and sunny; once every two weeks is sufficient. Maintain the edges with half-moon edging iron to retain moisture and present a neat finish.

In the advent of an Indian summer (hot and dry autumn weather), water sparingly, just enough to maintain the fresh green colour but not too much, as the length of the lawn will naturally retain moisture.

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

Why Autumn is the Best Time to Revamp Your Lawn

Loving your lawn is hard work, and you may find it’s too much after 8/9 months of toil. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry because there are several things you can do.

Ask for help; our knowledgeable team at Planet Turf can sort your lawn out and prepare it for winter. Click the link to find out more.

We can revamp or replace your lawn if the damage is beyond repair. We specialise in garden maintenance in Kent. We are the team to call if you need landscaping in Dartford or the surrounding areas.

Should you decide to replace your grass with an artificial lawn, we can do that too. Read more about turf vs artificial grass here. Artificial lawns are the no-nonsense answer to your gardening problem, but they don’t suit everyone.

Revamping your lawn in autumn gives it time to recover, settle and grow before the harsh weather sets in. Whether you’re looking for some help on a weekly or monthly basis or a complete garden transformation – landscaping in Kent is what we do!

Let Planet Turf do the donkey work, allowing you to enjoy your garden stress-free because gardening in autumn is not everyone’s cup of tea. So sit back and watch the experts revamp your lawn.

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