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November Newsletter – Services we have on offer this month!

In this edition, we are going to talk about the best services and products we can offer you as we enter the cold winter months!

Are your fruit trees getting out of control? Why not get us in to do the hard work for you? We have experience in pruning all types of fruit trees!

It’s a great time of year to be doing lots of needed work, such as pruning Evergreen trees, Yews, and Conifers… It’s also a great time to start composting beds once all the fallen leaves have been cleared, as this works as a great suppressant to weeds and ecology. Using bark mulch also gives a decorative look!

Moss spraying is also recommended on hard standings such as driveways and patios. We can also give you a quote for jet washing to remove the more stubborn moss and give your driveway/patio a new lease of life!

Why not get us in to build you a compost area? It will save you money long-term by getting rid of the waste, and it will also reduce the impact on the environment and will be beneficial to your garden.

We also offer gutter cleaning services. It’s a common issue at this time of year with leaves and moss blocking your gutters. Give our office a call or email if you would like a quote on this or any of the above.

Employee mentions and company news!

We are delighted to take on 3 new apprentices who will be learning our trade 4 days a week, as well as studying at a horticulture college in Hadlow working towards their NVQ Level 3.

The development of Louis Peto has been recognised as he has been recently promoted to Team leader, after working hard and proving he has the knowledge and capabilities to perform in the role.

Our company has recently won 2 exciting contracts! Firstly, a massive development named Crayfields, which is based in Orpington. We will be maintaining and helping develop this area into a place for the public to come and visit. It will be open to local schoolchildren, to give them the opportunity to learn about wildlife, and will soon be building a forest school.

Secondly, on match days for Erith Town Football Club, we are helping bring a higher standard to their pitch by cutting and line marking to ensure that the pitch is immaculate come kick off!

Finally, a mention to our commercial cleaner who has been working tirelessly in keeping up our high standards. Along with a high workload, they are making sure our clients are always impressed after every visit with the standard of cleaning.

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