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The Project Brief

Project Brief:

Halls Farm Allotments committee required the construction of a replacement pedestrian bridge due to the existing one’s unsafe condition and general disrepair.


The new structure had to be long lasting and resistant to the wet and damp conditions on site, a steel subframe was put forward to the client, which satisfied this requirement.

As this site was in the middle of the allotments there was a 250m walk to the work site from the car park. A suitable method had to be used to carry the 6m long heavy steels from the delivery point to the work site, safely, over rough ground.

Safety precautions had to be taken as the bridge was being built over running water, and a temporary bridge had to be constructed to allow us to run the steel over the river and into the correct position.

All timber would need to be pressure-treated tanalised timber to prevent rot.

Current condition

The existing bridge was almost un-usable, constructed entirely of timber which had rotten due to the permanently wet conditions.

It was also unsafe to walk over as the decked surface had become slippery.

Planning and Preparation


The Finished Article

Scope of Works

  • Remove the existing bridge and excavate the existing footings
  • Install two new concrete footings on each bank
  • Install two rigid steel joists and fix to concrete joists and frame out
  • Install two new handrails and timber decking for the footbridge.

Project Outcome

The committee and allotment users were delighted with the finished result which not only looked great but will also stand the test of time and will be safe and useable for a long time to come.

Project duaration: 2 weeks

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