Summer Watering: How to Keep Your Garden Watered and Happy in the Summer

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We all love the summer, warm days, and mellow evenings, and if that follows a light sprinkling of nighttime rain, we’re in gardening heaven. But what if, like in previous years, we hit a dry patch?

How do you keep your garden watered and happy even when you go on holiday? These are great questions; throw in a hose pipe ban, and those glorious tomatoes you’ve nurtured all soring will wither on the vine. Not to mention your shrubs, perennials, and, of course, your lawn.

Summer lawns should be cricket pitch lush, not a sea of brown burnt poaceae. Here are our top tips for keeping your garden looking loved while you’re away.

Weed like your life depends on it

When we say your life, we mean the longevity of your garden. For some people, gardening might be a life or death pursuit, but for most of us, it’s a pleasure, a downtime activity that helps ground us a refresh our mental health.

Back to the point – weeds fight our lawn for water, robbing the grass of nutrients and life-giving moisture. A few days before you leave for your break, cut the grass, and remove weeds from the lawn and surrounding beds.

Use the grass clipping as a weed deterrent, plus a lawn saturator. The clipping will turn to mulch protecting the edges of the lawn that dry out first.

If you don’t know this already, and significantly if you’re growing vegetables, water in heavy bouts with long breaks in between at the beginning of the season. Watering this way will encourage the grass and surrounding plants to grow deep roots, safeguarding the plants through extreme weather.

Water without a hosepipe

There will inevitably be a hosepipe ban during the UK summer, we might be one of the wettest countries in northern Europe, but we can’t seem to hang on to the water at any other time of the year. The UK’s old reservoir and sewage system means we flush the water into our rivers when it rains heavily.

A hose pipe ban doesn’t mean you can’t use your hose, an old hose, that is. You can create a homemade irrigation system with limited equipment. Here’s how…….

You need an old garden hose, a leaky battered old hose is perfect, and a drill with a ¼ inch drill bit (0.6 cm).

  1. Layout your garden hose and drill holes into the pipe every three inches (approx. 7 cm).
  2. Attach a hose cap to seal the end of the hose, which forces the water to come out of the holes and not out of the end of the hosepipe.
  3. Place the hose or hoses (you may need to attach two or three hoses if you have a large garden) in the areas that need watering.
  4. Don’t lay the hose across the lawn; this will leave track brown marks when removing the hosepipe.
  5. Attach the hosepipe to the outside tap and turn it on until it’s full and water comes out of the holes.
  6. Turn the tap down to a tiny tickle – this will keep the garden watered while you’re away.

While this method is okay, it could be more foolproof, and a lot can go wrong. Your tap could open more than you intended and over water. The pressure will likely either remove the endcap or detach the hose from the tap, flooding your garden and wasting valuable water.

The soaker hose trick is more suitable for short beaks where you’re only away for 24 hours or so. Also, the soaker method is only ideal for flower beds and vegetable patches; your lawn will only benefit around the edges.

What can you do if you’re away for two weeks or more?

Call Planet Turf

If you need help but asking your neighbour to water is not an option, you must implement a plan. If you want to maintain your garden through the summer season and protect your oasis but need help determining where to begin, it’s time to call in the gardening experts.

Planet Turf has the knowledge and experience to bring your vision to life while ensuring everything is done safely and efficiently. Whether you need a helping hand for a few days, weeks or months, our expert gardeners are available all through the summer to lend a helping hand.

We can carry out a one-off watering task or come every week to weed and water to ensure your garden looks as good or even better than it did before you left.

Consider a garden makeover while your away

While you’re away, a garden makeover can be an excellent investment in your home’s overall aesthetic appeal and value. It will provide a beautiful outdoor space for you to enjoy upon your return, and it can also enhance your home’s curb appeal and potentially increase its resale value.

The good news is that having the work carried out while you’re away means the process is stress-free and mess-free, as the project is clean and tidy when you return from holiday.

With the help of Planet Turf gardening service, you can ensure that your garden makeover is expertly executed and tailored to your specific preferences and needs. So why not consider taking advantage of your time away to give your garden the attention it deserves?

Planet Turf has been serving the community in Kent, Dartford and surrounding areas since 1993.

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