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Going into winter is the perfect time to consider a garden overhaul. By implementing our tips, you can enjoy your garden to the fullest right now and devise a plan to enhance it for the upcoming year.

Often, in the summer – when the sun is in full beam, and plants are offering us their very best show – we consider improving our garden or outdoor space. Lots more sitting outside gives us the latest perspective as we can see what needs doing and what changes we should make so that our outdoor space offers up its very best for the remainder of the year, plus add some improvements to enjoy the following year.

Here are ten reasons why autumn leading into early winter is the best time for a garden redesign.

1. No Time Like The Present

You have enjoyed your garden all summer (weather permitting); right now, late autumn is the best time to redesign. It’s unlikely you’ll be sitting outside in the sun that much in late autumn and through into winter, and if your garden is being landscaped, you definitely won’t be able to use your outdoor space, so it’s the perfect time to begin a garden overhaul.

2. Happy Gardeners Make Happy Gardens

It’s much easier for Planet Turf to work with a garden when it’s not growing fully during the summer. Plants and shrubs will die back for the winter, and weeds won’t grow voraciously. Generally, less foliage and greenery make your landscapers’ job easier, meaning faster results and less mess.

Photo by Anton Lammert on Unsplash

3. Don’t Stress the Wildlife

We love wildlife and do as much as possible to preserve it and its place in the garden. With that in mind, it’s much better to carry out a more extensive garden project over the late autumn into winter when wildlife hibernates or has flown to warmer climes.

4. Protecting Your Plants is a Long-Term Goal

You should consider moving and relocating plants and shrubs over the winter when they aren’t growing or flowering is optimal. You may not want to keep every plant, but it’s much better for those plants you want to save to be dug up and moved around in autumn and the colder months.

5. Embrace the Dormant Stage

Mother Nature knows when to shut down and bed in for winter; we always take our cues from her. Now is the best time to replace grass with artificial grass or re-seed the lawn area and patch in worn turf from all those garden parties and soirees you have enjoyed during those late sunsets.

6. The Lawn Needs Less Mowing

As the seasons change, so must your lawn tactics. To accommodate the slow growth stage, you must adjust the cutting height on your lawnmower to a higher cut. Mowing fortnightly is more than enough. In the advent of late Indian summer (hot and dry autumn weather), water sparingly, just enough to maintain the green colour but not too much, as the lawn’s length will naturally retain moisture.

7. Your Gardeners Have More Time

Here at Plant Turf, we have spent all summer carrying out ground maintenance and summer program gardening in Kent. From serious landscaping in Dartford earlier in the year to vigorous summer water while some clients went on holiday. While we spent most of our days out and about in Kent, we can now offer more time to those who need it as the summer season is drawing to a close.

8. Choose a Local Gardening Expert

Local garden contractors know what you’re up against; while we think most of England is made of the same stuff, the fact is it isn’t. Local knowledge extends from understanding the type of soil you have right down to the kind of weather your garden is likely to get. Gardening in Kent is entirely different from landscaping in Greater London (although we do that too).

9. Carry Out Heavy Duty Garden Repairs

Now is the best time to carry out heavy-duty garden repairs. For instance, you should repair raised beds (especially if you’re using sleepers), sheds, compost bins, and outhouse storage units. Replace any rotting fence posts so they don’t suffer in winter storms. Ensure shed roofs don’t leak, and replace any broken glass panes or vents in greenhouses; finally, paint anything made of wood with a good few coats of wood preservative.

Photo by Harmen Jelle van Mourik on Unsplash

10. Clean and Clear Bird Boxes

Bird boxes often get forgotten, so take them down and empty them. Remove old nesting material, old discarded eggs, and other debris that may carry diseases. Wash out the boxes with hot water, and remember to clean out feeders and bird baths and regularly refill them before putting them back.

About Planet Turf

We are garden specialists who pride ourselves in carrying out all major landscaping projects in Dartford and Kent. If you need better paving and decking or a new driveway, we can help. We are also hardscape (brickwork) and fencing specialists.

Garden maintenance is our bread and butter. From the simple weeding to the complete management of a countryside estate, our garden maintenance services cover all aspects of caring for your outdoor space and can be tailored to meet your needs and budget best.

We install artificial lawns, remove old dead turf, cut hedges, and carry out major work on trees and shrubs when required. Then there’s rubbish clearance. We are licensed to remove rubbish in an eco-friendly way, taking care not to upset your neighbours or wildlife.

Plant Turf has been in the gardening business for over 20 years, and we pride ourselves on our excellent reputation. Let us take the strain. Managing any size of garden or outdoor space requires the time and energy to maintain its upkeep. Weeding, pruning, feeding, not to mention the endless cycle of mowing your lawn, is needed to keep your garden looking glorious – but it’s relentless work! At Planet Turf, we’re here to help with all aspects of garden maintenance and landscaping so you can make the most of your outdoor space instead of thinking about it in terms of the work it requires. From weekly mowing to maintaining the health of your shrubs and trees, you can rely on us to keep your outdoor space looking its best at all times, no matter what

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