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We can finally say winter has arrived by the time we hit November. The weather is significantly cooler and a lot wetter. However, sitting back and watching the leaves change from green to brown and red is only an option after completing all our gardening tasks.

Winter garden maintenance is all about preparing for spring and making the most of your outdoor space during this magical time. If you have a space, now is the time to consider changing your summer border for winter seasonal activities. More on winter borders later, first five essential garden jobs that need your attention now.

1. Clear the fallen leaves

Clear the fallen leaves so your lawn can breathe and you don’t attract snails and slugs. Put leaves in your compost as they make excellent fertiliser.

2. Clean wooden garden furniture

Clean the wooden furniture that remains outside; once it is dry, give your furniture a coat of preservation, especially the legs and feet, then lift the unit off the floor, placing the feet on slate or bricks so they don’t absorb water. A subsequent coat of oil to repel water is a good idea.

3. Check tall autumn planted evergreens

Tall evergreens can become loose and fall over in the high winds we experience this time of year. The rootballs can become loose; check them over, and place them back or firm down the soil as needed. Water in again and add a cane or prop if needed.

4. Plant spring bulbs

Plant spring bulbs, especially tulips. The easy early spring tulip bulbs, such as Tulipa, Tarda, and Saxatillis, will come up in March and April, giving your garden a colourful lift for Easter.

5. Loosen compacted turf

Your lawn needs some love at this time of year. The ground gets compacted after heavy rainfall, with lawn deterioration spots around pathways, around the garden tap and under furniture and children’s play areas. Forking over encourages the roots to bed in before the grass sleeps until spring.

If you have an artificial lawn, you must keep it clean, leaf-free and moss-free so it remains a bright colour and does not suffer from acid deterioration.

Now, we have covered the top five essential gardening jobs we can look at to brighten up your winter display with an eye-catching seasonal border.

When designing a new border, always consider what the garden will look and smell like during these harsh months. While some plants come to the fore, others have seasonal qualities that lift the mood and set an attractive winter scene. Here are our favourite picks and where to plant them.

Yews, Holly and Hebes Give Shape

Choose Yews, Holly or Hebes to give your border shape and seasonal colour. Plant at the back of the border to add height. These shrubs are easily clipped into shape and create a structure from which you can work forward. The following are a good choice:

  • Yews – Phylleria, Angustifolia, and Euonumous Japonicus.
  • Holly – Portugal Laurel.
  • Hebe – Red Edge and Rakaienesis.

Winter Trees for Depth

Winter trees are an excellent addition to larger outdoor spaces and should be placed in the far corners of the borders so they don’t obscure your sight line. Look for trees with exciting bark colours. Choosing winter trees will give interest and depth while flowering in the spring.

  • Prunus Serrula (cherry tree)
  • Acer Serpentine (snake bark maple)
  • China Rose (Chinese red birch)

Winter Blooms Give Focus

Once you have your border structured, fill it with blooms. Not all will flower in teh depths of winter, but we’ve chosen a selection that will offer flowers at different times during the winter season.

  • Daphes: for colour and winter scent.
  • Perovskia: grown for silver-blue foliage and spikes.
  • Sarcococca: a tough evergreen with small white flowers, a perfect seasonal shrub.
  • Viburnums: a winter flowering shrub great for screening.
  • Dogwood: Gives colourful winter stems right through till March.

If you have acid or neutral soil, the hanging Stachyurus Praecox is for you. Make this shrub your centrepiece as it will offer off-white cup-shaped downwards-leaning flower bombs from red steams from January if you plant it now. Simply stunning and the perfect antidote to the winter blues.

If you want to know more, read last month’s blog – When is the best time to have a garden overhaul?

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